Case Study: Local News Website Uses OPRAmachine to Uncover Out-of-Court Sexual Harassment Settlements

ATLANTIC COUNTY – One local news website editor is using OPRAmachine’s ability to obtain public records to write about sexual harassment claims that were settled by county officials, reporting details that were previously unknown to the public with the help of our system.

This weekend local news site Atlantic County News published an article detailing how that site’s editor made use of OPRAmachine in order to obtain records regarding several recent out-of-court sexual harassment settlements that involved allegations made against county officials.

The full article, written by Jim Vuocolo, can be read at this link.

One of the sexual harassment stories that was made possible with OPRAmachine, where the settlement documents are hosted, can be viewed here.

Vuocolo’s site was also the first to integrate their homepage with one of OPRAmachine’s custom data feeds. The OPRAmachine currently produces free data feeds in RSS and JSON format for each individual OPRA request and governmental body on the site, as well as providing a general feed with all requests as they work their way through the process. Vuocolo’s site has chosen to highlight all requests and responses made to the county government of Atlantic County.

The integration allows OPRAmachine requests to be updated live on Atlantic County News. (screenshot).


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