Charlie Kratovil Appointed as New Leader of OPRAmachine, Poised to Enhance Transparency in New Jersey

Charlie Kratovil Appointed as New Leader of OPRAmachine, Poised to Enhance Transparency in New Jersey

Charlie Kratovil, the editor of New Brunswick Today, has been named the new project leader of OPRAmachine. This appointment follows the decision by founder Gavin Rozzi to step down, marking a new chapter for the groundbreaking platform.

Rozzi expressed his enthusiasm for Kratovil's leadership. "I am excited to see Charlie take over OPRAmachine. His passion for open governance, tenacity and proven track record in investigative journalism makes him the ideal successor. I am confident that with Charlie at the helm, OPRAmachine will not only continue its vital mission but also reach new frontiers in empowering New Jerseyans with access to information."

Kratovil, a respected figure in community activism and journalism, brings extensive experience in advocating for transparency and public engagement.

“Leading OPRAmachine is a tremendous responsibility and an opportunity I am eager to embrace,” said Kratovil.  “Building on Gavin’s incredible work, I am committed to enhancing the platform’s impact and ensuring that it remains an indispensable tool for those seeking to hold power to account in New Jersey.”

Since 2017, OPRAmachine has revolutionized access to public records in New Jersey, becoming a key resource for journalists, researchers, and citizens. Rozzi's leadership saw OPRAmachine grow into a robust platform, facilitating widespread access to public information and defending the privacy rights of its users.

OPRAmachine has facilitated over 49000 public records requests to over 1300 public bodies sent by the platform's 6933 confirmed users since 2017.

The transition to new leadership promises a seamless continuation of the platform’s services, with Rozzi affirming his ongoing support for the project: “As I embark on new ventures, I leave OPRAmachine in capable hands. Charlie's vision for the platform aligns perfectly with its founding principles, and I look forward to seeing it flourish further,” added Rozzi.

The transition will be effective January 1, 2024.