A reminder about duplicate requests

We’re asking users to please be careful when filing new OPRA requests so as to avoid sending duplicates of the same request to public agencies on OPRAmachine.

Duplicate requests can complicate things for the administration team as well as government agencies. Often, what will happen is that the government agency will respond to the first request but not the second, while the second request will still show up on OPRAmachine as awaiting a response, which then requires our administrators to take action to remove the duplicate request so as to not skew the statistics produced by our site.

We have found that users most often submit duplicate OPRA requests when they do not believe that the first request has went through, so please be very careful and check your OPRAmachine account before you submit a second request.

On that note, please be sure to check your email account for our confirmation emails that are sent when you are submitting requests. You must have your email address confirmed before your request will go through, especially if it is the first time you are using OPRAmachine.

If you spot a duplicate request on the site, please be sure to report it for administrator attention and note which request it was a duplicate of so that our administrators can take appropriate action. This will help us keep the site tidy and allow us to produce accurate OPRA compliance statistics.

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