Countdown to OPRAmachine's first birthday

This month, OPRAmachine will be celebrating its first year of revolutionizing public records & transparency throughout New Jersey.

The official one year anniversary of the public launch of the OPRAmachine statewide freedom of information portal will be coming up on October 24th, 2018.

Throughout October, we will be reflecting on what the site has accomplished in its first year of public availability. We’ll be talking about the positives, including feedback from users and government officials, in addition to the negatives, such as technical and legal challenges that we have encountered in the course of running the site.

We would also love to hear from our stakeholders and users during the monthlong celebration of OPRAmachine’s first year in operation - how have you used the site in its first year?

Stay tuned to the OPRAmachine blog and social media pages for more throughout the month of October!

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