OPRAmachine lawsuit against Monmouth County being heard Monday

Our OPRA lawsuit against Monmouth County is scheduled to be heard on Monday, November 26th

We are set to have a hearing for our case at 3:00 PM Wendesday before the Monmouth County assignment judge. Read more about the case here

Essentially, Monmouth County and its attorneys made a mistake when responding to an OPRA request submitted by an OPRAmachine user. They failed to properly redact documents, and OPRAmachine staff took action to correct their error, and even waived enforcement of our formal takedown policy. Now, they want to punish users of OPRAmachine as result of their negligence, and they are trying to use a legally specious argument to try and refuse the public records reuqests that are being sent to them via email using OPRAmachine.

OPRAmachine’s interests are being represented by Walter Luers, Esq., and we will have more information for our users after the court hearing takes place on Monday. New Jersey Stae Assemblyman Sean Kean, Esq. of the law firm Cleary Giacobbe Alfieri & Jacobs is representing Monmouth County.

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