OPRAmachine Announces Research Grant Award Winners

We are very pleased to announce the winners of the OPRAmachine Research Grant, a new initiative where we are providing free access to OPRAmachine’s batch request and exclusive Pro toolkit in exchange for public-interest research that will be shared with the community.

We accepted applications and competitively selected 5 winning research proposals that we believe will serve the public interest using our platform. The winning proposals will receive support from OPRAmachine in order to leverage government data & documents to address the authors’ research questions for their projects.

The research grant winners and their topics are (in no particular order):

  1. Maria Emma Anderson, Ed.D Topic: Transportation access for the disabled in New Jersey

  2. Rory Moore Topic: Replicating the NJ League of Municipalities Salary Survey

  3. William Sosis Topic: Degree of government transparency & OPRA compliance

  4. John Milner Topic: Police activity & crime trends

  5. Kaitlin Allsopp Topic: Columbia University M.A. thesis: “County Budgets, Juvenile Justice, and Human Rights: Using Child Budget Analysis as a Tool to Monitor Children’s Human Rights in New Jersey’s Juvenile Justice System”

Congratulations to the winners! We are very excited to support their work and will be following along as they begin to develop their projects. We would also like to thank all those who submitted proposals. We received a number of high-quality submissions and it was difficult to select the 5 best submissions. For those whose proposals were not chosen in this round, we anticipate being able to do this again in 2021 - check back for announcements on that next year.

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