Statement on Cyber Attacks Impacting OPRAmachine

Users of OPRAmachine may have had difficulty accessing the site over the past month. The reason why users sometimes see an error message that states “502 Bad Gateway” is because OPRAmachine has been knocked offline as a result of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks targeting OPRAmachine infrastructure.

Based upon our review of the attacks so far, we have determined that most of the malicious traffic is coming from IP addresses outside of the United States. An unknown person or persons are using foreign servers to flood OPRAmachine with malicious web traffic that results in the site going offline after crashing due to the demand placed on our infrastructure. We will be deploying enhanced security measures in order to mitigate these attacks, and appreciate your patience as we work to restore full service.

OPRAmachine is committed to maintaining the security and personal data of user accounts. At this time, we have no information that suggests any user accounts were compromised. Instead, the attacks are being made with the intent of taking OPRAmachine offline.

We are continuing to review all legal and security options to combat these attacks and will continue to update the community as appropriate.

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