Toms River OPRA impasse resolved

We have good news for our users who request records from Toms River Township and the Toms River Police Department

For a few months now, we have had an impasse with the Toms River clerk’s office and police department over their refusal to honor requests submitted through OPRAmachine.

The township recently purchased a proprietary system from GovQA for handling public records requests and attempted to force OPRAmachine users to submit their requests through the proprietary system, which would have prevented the requests from being published on the OPRAmachine website.

This was very frustrating to our users, as their requests were already received and reviewed by township employees, yet staff members from the clerk’s office insisted that the requests that they already received via OPRAmachine be resubmitted outside of the site.

Now, this no longer appears to be an issue, as they have began to respond to the requests originating from OPRAmachine as they have originally done.

The township is now responding via OPRAmachine once again, and entering requests received from our system into their GovQA system, allowing the two systems to work together.

We are thankful to the Toms River Township Clerk’s Office for reconsidering, and we are glad that this was able to be resolved without resorting to litigation.

OPRAmachine is the easiest way for members of the public to research state, local and county government and is completely free of charge for municipalities, unlike proprietary systems in use elsewhere.

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